I’d go out on a limb plus say that most of us have experienced this at least once as an adult. The other afternoon, I was cleaning plus dusting my home as I would any other Monday. While sweeping the shelves plus tables free of dust plus other particulate, I felt satisfied in my work. Making 1 final sweep around my apartment, I noticed something entirely  irritating – there was already dust on the shelf! It didn’t make any sense, since I knew for sure that I had just cleaned that shelf only an hour or so earlier. As I looked around to figure out what the cause might be, I noticed that there was a duct ventilation point just over the dusty spot on the shelf. As I gazed at the register covering the HVAC duct within, I reached up with the duster plus ran it across the vent register. I pulled down a duster that was caked in dirt plus other debris, plus that was just from a light swab! I wouldn’t dare remove the vent register to clean out the insides. Instead, I called my home management plus told them to schedule a HVAC duct cleaning for my unit. It took over a week to get someone in my home to clean the HVAC duct out, even though I couldn’t have been been any happier when they arrived! Equipped with a small vacuum plus special attachments for this vacuum, the HVAC professional removed the ventilation duct register, carefully swabbing it clean before setting it on the ground. After half an hour of suctioning the ducts in my apartment, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional said the ducts were clean. I didn’t have to dust my home for nearly numerous weeks after that visit!

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