When I first moved into my basement apartment, my friends and family were really dubious about it. They were worried I would deal with things like flooding, damp air, or just be cold all the time. This is because my friends and family have never had finished basements. Most of us live in older homes, where the basements can even still have dirt floors, and overall are pretty chilly and kinda gross places to spend your time. The idea of living in one certainly isn’t pleasant. But my basement apartment is actually incredibly nice. For one thing, it’s not entirely underground. I have full size window in my bedroom that is partially above ground at least, and there is a pair of really nice slider doors for the entrance that let in lots of natural light. And despite what my loved ones may think, I’ve actually never been more comfortable than I am now since moving into my basement apartment. See, the perk of living here is that I have slightly lower ceilings, a lot less windows, and I’m always comfortable. Having a place that’s slightly below ground stays a lot cooler in the summer, since the earth doesn’t get so hot down here. Then in the winter, having less windows and a low ceiling means my apartment really hangs onto the heat. My oil furnace barely has to cycle to keep my place warm, and when it does it barely runs for an hour before it shuts itself off again. I have never been more comfortable since moving into this perfect cozy home.

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