For my anniversary, I had a truly great time and it was nice spending quality time with my friends and family. I feel the most interesting gift I got was from my father though. She purchased myself and others this infrared space heater, and I must say, I couldn’t wait to use that thing! I thanked my father for the thoughtful gift, because she knows that I run cold! It has constantly been a little chilly in our kitchen and while I figure a duct coil cleaning would repair this issue, I wasn’t sure that I could afford to do that anytime soon! Even if the duct oil was cleaned out though, I could use a little extra heat in my kitchen inside the Wintertide months! When I first started using this infrared space heating device, I was seriously impressed. The thing about these infrared heating devices, is that they heat in a smart way. They really heat up the objects in the room before all the air in the room. Don’t ask myself and others how they do it. I just feel that heating technology is truly amazing these afternoons! This special type of heating device is extremely energy efficient too, so I was truly thankful when I seen that my energy bills weren’t rising hardly at all after getting a lot of use out of this new space heater! I sincerely feel that I might invest in a few more of these babies to location strategically around my household, so that I am never cold! That would certainly improve my life for sure.

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