The girl that I have been seeing has been really good to me. We were about to go out on a special date, which would be our seventh date. So, in light of all this, I wanted to treat her special on this seventh actual date, so I insisted on booking an extravagant restaurant. I had only been to this location twice in my entire life, once for my birthday, and once after saving up a bunch of cash to go with a few friends of mine. It was genuinely that expensive to afford it! I remember that the food was heavenly, but I absolutely did not remember it being really freezing cold inside! When me and the girl I was seeing walked in, we both looked at each other, equally surprised that it was so cold inside this place. I felt genuinely bad and awful about it, because she didn’t dress for such low temperatures; Neither did I, for that matter come to think about it; When the waiter brought our appetizers, I finally just had to ask the waiter why it was so freezing inside the restaurant. Apparently, there was a problem with the air conditioning system that had gone down earlier that afternoon, where it simply could not shut off as well as it was running on max! Every single one of us in the place were both relieved to hear that there was genuinely an Heating as well as the Air Conditioning specialist currently finally working on the problem plus he was about to wrap things up, but by the time our dinner had arrived, the temperatures were already starting to warm up in the place thankfully for us. It’s a great thing too, because the food was just as amazing as I remembered plus we had a great time. And it would have not been good otherwise!

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