As a child, I always loved the road trips that me and my family would take on our summer vacations, when we were visiting family, or other times of the year just to get away. It was really enjoyable to get away from the constant cycle of going to school five days a week, week-in and week-out. As I was growing up, we visited many theme parks, spent time at beach resorts, and visited family and friends in some beautiful parts of the country.There were a couple of times when we decided to take a plane, but most often we would simply drive across the country. I have to say that gas was far cheaper back then. Also, my parents always made sure that the climate control system in our vehicles was top notch. Believe it or not, I don’t actually remember a single uncomfortable road trip. During the summer, the air conditioning in the car was sublime, and for a long time, we even owned a minivan that had vents in the backs of the front seats, keeping us kids in the back perfectly cool. I remember that powerful air conditioning lulling us to sleep quite often, so there wasn’t a lot of bickering in the backseat.Things were much the same in the winter, even when we went up into the mountains of the northeast to visit my grandmother. At times during that trip, we were three thousand feet in the air, and the weather was snowy and below freezing, but the heat in that minivan was still powerful enough to keep us comfortable so that we could enjoy the sights!

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