My wifey and I moved into the area, nearly 6 months ago. Both of us actually decided to rent a nice residence for the first year, so both of us could scope out the area. My wifey and I moved a good distance from our previous residence, and both of us wanted a little bit of time to look around. My wifey and I were in the residence for a couple of months, when both of us started to notice a sizable change in our indoor air quality levels. It seemed that both of us had dust on every surface inside the residence. My wifey and I were cleaning basically every day, and both of us still had tons of particles on the furniture. My wifey and I were starting to experience allergy symptoms like a runny nose, sore throat, and cough. Both of us felt it was a cold, until the symptoms wouldn’t go away. During a routine visit to the medical worker, my wifey mentioned the dusty surfaces in our residence! The medical worker right away recommended having the HVAC duct cleaned and sanitized officially. When both of us told him both of us were renting a site, he urged us to speak with the landlord immediately. Both of us decided to ask the landlord about the indoor air quality levels, and he offered to call the HVAC repair center right away. Both of us were particularly amazed, however he was excited to make the call. Both of us found out the owner of the HVAC machine center was the owner’s sibling. He actually cleaned the HVAC duct well, and there was a great deal of grime inside the HVAC duct! After the HVAC duct cleaning, our indoor air quality levels significantly improved and so did a majority of our symptoms. Our landlord has been really great during these numerous months, but I’m ready to purchase something of our own soon.

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