I certainly have to say, I was hesitant when my partner decided to get this wood stove hooked up. I kept telling him that we’re not in Eastern Europe anymore and the two of us do have this thing known as current technology… However, the two of us do own an older dwelling and while it does get especially drafty, gutting the whole Heating, Ventilation plus A/C appliance is not exactly a feasible solution. Not to mention, it would be gutting apart walls and fixtures that are over a decade old. The other idea was to run a gas fireplace in the place of our seasoned wood burning fireplace. However, when the two of us were talking to the local heating and cooling technology business, they informed us the wood stove would not only be cheaper however it would be more effective completely! Evidently the wood burning stove will absolutely burn hotter than a fireplace, plus works to heat around quite a bit more. Well, that was two weeks back, and I have to say my partner was absolutely correct about this. Not only does the wood stove burn so much hotter than the fireplace, however it absolutely does heat up the dwelling a lot better! Since the wood stove is a fully closed system, it burns through the logs so much more efficiently. Then the different valve settings allow us to change up the airflow, which enables you to keep a log burning for a bit longer. Plus the wood burning stove cost merely a fraction of what the gas fireplace would have. With the wood stove the two of us absolutely can relax and enjoy the heat, without having to get up constantly to fiddle with the fire every half an hour or so.

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