After being away from home for almost two weeks, my partner and I finally returned from our honeymoon. We spent our days on our honeymoon by the beach and drinking some ice cold drinks. The weather was amazing, but not as amazing as the food. We were pretty bummed out when we finally had to leave, but we were even more upset when we returned back to our house. We have a very old HVAC heating and cooling unit, and my partner forgot to turn the unit off before we left. The old and run down unit doesn’t have any fancy automatic shutdown features or anything like that, so our heating and cooling unit was running for two weeks straight! We never leave our heating and cooling unit up and running for more than a few hours at a time, so by the time we shut it off it was in bad shape. Along with it being nearly broken down, the air purification unit that was built inside was totally ruined. We could tell right away, because the air inside of our apartment felt dry and just gross. We quickly called over to the HVAC heating and cooling company a few blocks away. They told us that the HVAC unit wasn’t going to be able to function any longer since it ran for so long, and we were just lucky that nothing caught on fire. Now we have to figure out how to pay for a brand new HVAC unit, along with how to pay for the high priced heating bill that will be coming in a few days. I am starting to think we shouldn’t have went on that vacation at all!

central heating and air