I’m the kind of person who needs multiple fans to fall asleep. It’s nothing to do with the sound of a box fan being soothing or anything, it’s simply that I get really hot in my sleep, and if I don’t blast cold air against my face, then I’ll wake up in a cold sweat. In fact, I actually find the noise of the portable fans quite obnoxious. I had wanted to install an real A/C unit in my room awhile go, but money concerns made me keep pushing the installment back. I used to be able to block the noise out, but about two years ago, I developed insomnia, and it’s made it harder than ever to ignore the blaring noise of my fan’s blades spinning. I decided that hiring an HVAC technician was worth the investment because if I didn’t install an A/C unit, the fan’s noise would end up having serious effects on my physical and mental health. I called up a local HVAC business and was ecstatic to find out that the company actually offered payment plans on A/C units. I decided on a window air conditioner, one of the most affordable options, which happened to be perfect for me, because my bedroom window is right next to my bed. I later found out that the windowless AC unit was also one of the most energy efficient options, and actually lowered my electricity bill. Not only did I help my wallet out, but  I was finally able to ditch the noisy portable fans and get a good night’s rest.

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