When my boyfriend and I moved into our first place together, right away I knew it would take a bit of work to stay comfortable in the cooler months. Our first night watching a movie after dinner together on the couch, I felt a cold draft on my neck from the window behind us. My boyfriend noticed it too, but I told him not to worry about it and that I would take care of it. So once the temperatures got colder in the latter half of fall, I used my day off to pull off one of the cheapest but  most effective energy saving tips there is: putting up plastic over your windows. I don’t mean a drop cloth or saran wrap. You need to go to the store and buy the plastic specifically sold to go over windows and unused doors in the wintertime months. This plastic is pretty easy to apply, it just takes time to get it right. All you have to do is apply the double sided tape to the edge of the window frame. Then you press the plastic firmly and tightly over it so there’s not air getting in from the outside. After that, you just take a blow dryer to it to shrink it down. Then when you’re done it doesn’t look like there’s anything there at all. My boyfriend was so confused when he came home as I was blow drying the last window of plastic. I couldn’t believe he had never seen this done before! I told him he would thank me when the utility bill this winter was nice and low.

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