One of our all time favorite things I like to do is to relax on the beach until the sunset. Honestly, it’s the most fantastic and amazing thing to myself and others to see that sunshine just sink into the ocean. It’s such a attractive thing. Of course when the sunshine eventually goes away, it starts to get incredibly nippy out. My bestie and I have made a tradition of doing this often. Then we go back to our car and crank up the oil furnace. We’re used to the sizzling weather so we get freezing fairly easily. I realize people who live in cold temperatures would suppose it was a joke, however it’s no joke to us. Every one of us usually drive around for a little while with the heating system blasting and then find a nice place to eat. Periodically we eat inside if the temperature control settings are right, or we just get our food to go. We’ll either go to our bestie’s place or mine and just hang out and relax. She prefers to go to our place because I have an excellent gas furnace and also a fireplace that we can fall asleep in front of. She really likes that fireplace and likes to cuddle up next to myself and others in front of it. I like his place too though, however admittedly, his air quality isn’t the best. I care a fantastic deal about his though and I appreciate the fact that he likes to spend time with myself and others seeing the sunset as many times as we can. I don’t suppose I would be so delighted in our life if I couldn’t do that.

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