I truly complain so often, I can’t even lie about it. My best friend and I talk about it all of the time because I’m always telling him to do something a certain way or change this about something – the one thing though that makes me the craziest is his inclination for mouth breathing. I truly dislike this distracting and disgusting visual of his mouth constantly being open as he breathes in and out, like a massive humid furnace. It’s so repulsive to me. In the past few weeks, though, I have to admit that even I have begun to see the benefits of breathing through my mouth in particular conditions; for instance, when the air is excruciatingly cold and dry outside, it’s not such a bad game plan to keep your oxygen contained to your mouth. I’ve learned this in the past few weeks as the winter season sets in, as I’ve regularly been getting a respiratory illness every year. Normally as soon as the temperature begins to dip my sinuses get instantly clogged and nothing changes until spring time starts to roll around. I’ve spent years wondering how this was possible! How does the change in season equate to instantly clogged sinuses and a respiratory illness? The answer is, when cold and dry air passes through the sinuses and causes them to dry out, it is an instant infection! Nowadays, instead of worrying about grossing people out, I worry about breathing through the mouth and making sure my sinuses are healthy as ever.

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