For the first time in nearly ten years, I was sick this year. I get passing 24 hour bugs sometimes, however they are normally gone in 12 or 13 hours. And if I get a cold, it lasts 2 or 3 days, not weeks. But this year, I started with a cold, then it went to the flu, & then ended with a sinus infection in my cheekbones. It has been nearly four weeks & finally I am feeling well again.  I can’t figure out why there was a big difference this year. I’m tired of hearing people telling myself and others that I am getting older & that could be why I got so sick this year. I’m tired of hearing that since I am not that old. I don’t think sixty-three years is old at all. But I think that there may be something wrong with our air quality. The air quality in our home, isn’t the best it can be. When we walked into the condo the other day, I could smell the fish we had 2 afternoons earlier. And my fiance turned up his nose & asked what the horrible smell was.  Before we left for town, I had cleaned the whole house, however it still smelled of the fish. So I pulled the air filter on the range hood out but it looked good. However I still scrubbed the air filter. My fiance went down & pulled air filter out of the furnace, & he put in a newer clean air filter. Now, the only thing we can think to do is to install a portable air cleaner. And if that works, we are going to consider installing a whole condo air purifier.

a/c filter