If you are going to get heated flooring, you should put ceramic tiles over the top. There are tons of different types of flooring. You can get stone, brick, hardwood and even set a rug over top of the flooring. The best to hold the radiant heat is ceramic tile though. With a carpet, the radiant heat stays underneath the carpet. The quality heating is not able to spread as easily throughout the house. So you are wasting more energy trying to get heating with this type of flooring. Ceramic tile heats up so much faster and retains the heating better. Every surface and corner of the home is touched by the quality heater device. The problem with ceramic tile is that it is expensive on the installation. To have a professional cut, grout and clean the tile is expensive. Also, adding in the heated flooring during the process will up the price. In order to not break the bank with this heater installation, you need to do the heating install on your own. That means buying a tile cutter, grouting the tile and cleaning up along the seams. You need to measure and cut the tiles carefully as well. Not an easy process at all, and still quite expensive in the long run. Additionally, when it comes to ceramic tiles, there are so many choices. How are you supposed to pick one of the many options? Heated flooring in the end is a great product, but the road to getting this heating system is just plain difficult.

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