I teach fifth grade at a small middle college located in a farming community in the northeastern section of the country.  In this area, the Wintertide weather lasts a long time in addition to is severely severe. The people I was with and I properly require heating within the first month of college, in addition to keep the furnace running until sometime in April.  In order to conserve energy in addition to trim expenses, the college’s heating idea turns off in addition to on according to a timer. Unfortunately, the furnace is set to turn on an hour after we’ve all arrived to beginning the day. First thing in the morning, there is absolutely no heat in addition to the entire college is chilly cold. The students properly keep their coats on in addition to shiver. It’s nearly impossible to teach a lesson when the kids are so preoccupied by the chilly temperatures.  When the heating idea finally starts up, the pipes make a tremendous amount of noise in addition to introduce an abundance of dust in addition to unpleasant odors into the air. The furnace once again disrupts productivity in the classroom. While the college’s heating idea manages to achieve in addition to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day, it shuts down an hour before the student’s are dismissed. The indoor temperature drops honestly suddenly, the the kids need to bundle back up in their coats.  I’m not sure if having the heating equipment controlled by a timer saves a significant amount of energy or not, but it impacts the attention in my classroom. I’d rather the district shorten the college day than leave us separate from heat when the outside temperature is twenty degrees.