I am absolutely outdoorsy. As soon as the weather gets nice, I am outside in the sunshine. I care about walking, studying, tanning plus just now working outdoors. In the Summer I basically get up plus stay outside until it gets too dark. Because I spend all of the sizzling season outside, I don’t even bother with cooling equipment. This regularly shocks people. In the Springtime plus Summer I don’t use any form of air conditioner. I don’t even use portable or window AC. All I have in our house is a small window fan that I occasionally turn on at night. In the north, the sizzling weather is different. Southerners have to deal with moisture in the air quality. The moisture would then form mold on the walls, ceiling plus plumbing fixtures. In the north it is just a dry heat. I can deal with a sizzling house with no issue. I am hardly in it at all. Since I don’t spend anything on cooling, I use all that extra cash plus justify our heating choices. I have hydronic heating stretched throughout the house. I have a boiler system in the basement plus piping hooks to it. The pipes then are installed within the flooring of our entire house. The water is heated by the boiler plus flows through the pipes. That sizzling water is what creates hydronic heating. Yes, it was an fancy system to install plus to maintain. But, when I don’t factor in any cooling costs, the furnace is adequate. I would way rather have quality heating plus no A/C anyday.

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