Occasionally, staying silent in the middle of an fight can be difficult.  My husband’s family gets into some rather heated discussions as well as I have to walk away before I interject our opinion which will not help matters whatsoever.  The last time the people I was with and I got together for a holiday supper I couldn’t help myself anymore. They started arguing about how you should control your utility bills.  Now, pretty much everyone agree that you should try as well as conserve energy as much as possible however they all had a weird opinion about how you should heat or cool your home.  My husband’s aunt is legitimately aged fashioned as well as only heats with wood. His aunt doesn’t love it however feels that his husband does most of the work so he isn’t able to request anything else.  His father, on the other hand, works as a professional for a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning business as well as keeps trying to say that they would save currency by installing a top of the line plan that they could program.  Now, firewood is fairly cheap so I can understand that opinion but I can’t imagine having to get up at all minutes of the evening to make sure that the fire is tended, not to mention the mess neighbors with hauling wood into the house all the time.  I am a neat freak so having all that ash as well as wood pretzels everywhere would drive myself and others crazy. I wanted to side with of our father-in-law however didn’t dare say a word. The discussion was heated enough without having another opinion chiming in.  I did see his aunt ask for a business card for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning business so maybe he has plans of his own.

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