My partner and I have always liked to live cheap. We both come from families that didn’t have much money on hand, so that’s all we know. For the past several years in our house we barely use the appliances that most people think are essential. Even during the worst winter storms, we hardly even turn on the heated gas furnace to keep us warm. During intense heat waves in the summer, we would just rely on showers to keep us cooled off instead of an a/c cooling unit because it was cheaper. Now that we found out we are pregnant however, that is all going to have to change. We can’t live our lives without having a proper heating and cooling unit when there is a growing baby in the house, not by a long shot. We have decided to invest in the house now and upgrade our a/c unit. This new cooling unit was super expensive, but we have been told on several HVAC forms online that this will actually end up saving us a lot of money down the road. Along with the money we will be saving, the a/c unit is one hundred percent silent even on the highest power setting. That means we won’t have to sacrifice cool and crisp air over a sleeping baby which is a major plus. We have even had conversations about getting radiant heated floors installed, but we think we are going to wait for a few more months after the baby is born. It sure is weird making all of these big life changes, but parents must do what parents must do!