The a/c unit in my room broke down last weekend, and my parents still haven’t shown much concern. My house is all the way up in the attic, so the coolness or warmth in that part of the house doesn’t affect anyone else enough to do anything about it. Due to the lack of a/c cooling power my own room, it is hard to do anything in there for longer than an hour due to the extreme heat. We live in the middle of the south, so if you are sleeping and hanging out in a room without any proper a/c unit you are playing a very dangerous (and sweaty) game. After whining and moaning to my parent for almost five days straight, my parents finally agreed to call the HVAC service repair company. Once the HVAc repair tech arrived at my house and started checking out the a/c unit, he started to laugh. I asked him what the big joke was, and he told me that the reason the a/c unit had “broken down” was actually because there was a problem with the wiring in the on and off switches. Perhaps if dad had taken me seriously and came up to inspect the unit for himself, we wouldn’t be in this mess. It took him all of five or ten minutes to repair the problem before I finally started to feel that good old cold air flowing around in my house. I sure am glad that my annoying persistence was able to finally get my lovely parents to call the gosh darn HVAC store.

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