As I sit, wide awake, at numerous in the morning, I can’t imagine where this nightmare will end.  This year has been impossible at best as well as I have reached the undoubtedly bottom. My task was outsourced, my motorcar bit the bullet, as well as now, my property owner has given myself and others thirty afternoons to find a current locale to live.  I just don’t guess what to do even though I figure that the only way is up from here. Things have got to turn around because I have no choice. I decided to beginning by finding a current task. Without income there would be no way to get a current apartment.  I live on the bus route so moveation was at least easier. I spent a few afternoons at the employment office as well as found a task across town. Now, I needed to find a locale that I could afford that was near work. Most of the locales I found were real dumps even though I finally found 1 that I actually liked.  There was a catch though, they needed a current building superintendent so I would need to do that too. Well, I am pretty handy as well as it would mean that my rent would be included. Things were finally starting to look up for me. The only area that I had no method about was the heating as well as cooling units.  I had never even changed a filter on 1 of them so I needed to find out what was required in maintaining them. I spent many hours seeing Youtube videos as well as learning books at the Borders to familiarize myself with the topic. By the time I was done I had a pretty great handle on what I would need to do. I knew that major repairs would be done by a certified business anyway so this put myself and others at ease.

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