My sweetheart and I bought our very first home about two years ago. It is a small, two bedroom home, but it is simply perfect for us. I have never been the kind of person who likes big, extravagant houses, so our little country home is exactly what I have always dreamed my house would be. The house is relatively old, but I love it because I feel like it has so much more character than many of the newer houses out there. To me, our little house feels so cozy and homey. Something that boggled our minds about the little house though is how much it cost to heat the place during the winter months. Our electric bill was outrageous. We think, it may be because of how old the house is, but we’re really not sure why. This winter, my husband decided to try and supplement some heating to  save money on electric. He bought a used, propane heater from a friend and has been using it to try and help keep the house warm without the furnace having to run 24/7 and make our electric bill crazy high. So far, it has done an amazing job. Our last electric bill was almost half what it usually is! I couldn’t believe how much of a difference that little propane heater has made. Even with buying the small amount of propane needed, we are saving around $75 per month. I can’t thank my husband enough for doing his best to figure out a way for us to save money. Now, we can go out and do more things that we enjoy with the money that we are saving on electricity!

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