When my spouse and I moved out of our cramped house in the city, and bought a home in the country, all of us were super gleeful about our giant yard, and we were looking forward to the privacy, fresh air, and the ability to make the locale our own. We weren’t distraught about trading town water for well water. We figured this would save us some currency, since we’d no longer be paying a water bill! I planned to plant a vegetable garden and was cheerful to have the ability to water my plants without draining the budget. We soon found out that our well produces severely hard water, however our water supply is overrun with calcium, lime and rust, and it destroys everything it touches! The hard water discolors our clothes and linens, and leaves a residue on sinks and bathtubs. I’m forced to use particularly dire chemicals for cleaning, which then damages the finish. Our faucets are constantly jammed and abruptly become corroded. Our water heating system never lasts longer than a couple of years because the hard water either builds up an excessive amount of sediment or causes the tank to rupture… My washing machine frequently malfunctions and I don’t even bother trying to run a dishwasher. The dishes come out looking worse than when I loaded them in.  The hard water turns the glasses cloudy, leaves water spots and stains everything an ugly yellow. We’ve tried water softeners, hoping to repair the problem. The water is so excessively hard that the softener program runs and runs and eventually leaves us with no water.

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