The first condo I ever owned was a single wide trailer in our mid-20s, and i often look back fondly at such memories… Though it was evidently small plus precious accommodations for me, it was everything I needed back then plus more; All I plus our dog needed plus more, that is. It still felt roomy with the two of us in there. I will admit that I was more interested in the piece of land that I acquired along with the trailer. It was a small plot in the country, away from the noisy, claustrophobic suburbs that grew up in where you could hear your neighbor’s iPhone ring, then you might guess that insulation plus temperature control was a problem, however in fact, it was a highly manageable problem. I only needed two window air conditioning system units for the entire trailer, basically set up on either side. I will not lie, the heat can get pretty intense around here, however those window air conditioning system units did their task well! I will admit that for the many years that I lived in that trailer I did go through two pairs of window air conditioning system units, because they are less high-priced to replace than they are to repair. I did not mind this all that much. The space oil furnaces that I bought for our mild winters did a good task of heating the home. I kept a single in the home office where our dog slept plus a single for our home office where I slept, then now, I love a bigger condo plus a central heating plus air system, however those were easier times!

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