My wifey comes from a immense boating family, but she took sailing lessons as a child plus was on the rowing team in college. She loves all things on the water in a boat love form! So of course once every one of us started dating she was all over me that every one of us have to go on her family boat, however i pictured the immense boat from Titanic. I was thinking there would be a below deck area with a couch, table plus quality air conditioning. I had a bag packed with our swim gear plus a book to read. The boat was not quite love the ship of dreams in Titanic. The boat was a tiny one with no below deck area. It was just one level plus no shade at all. I wish I would have known because I would have packed better. I had no hat, sunscreen or sleeves to hide from the sun! With the water reflecting the sunlight, it felt love 1000 degrees on the boat, but obviously there was no air conditioning component either. They could not have a ductless mini split or central air on a tiny boat. The air would literally float around in the ocean breeze plus be wasted. I was dying for some AC though. I was so hot, sweaty plus sunburned after one hour. I spent the whole boat ride waiting to hit shore, get in the shade with AC plus a margarita. I hate to split it to our wifey, but I am not a boating type of gal plus will never go on a boat with no form of cooling again.

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