A fireplace is not the greatest heating system out there. But, it is all that have in my home. The gas heater came with the home and I can’t afford to replace it at the moment. My main beef with the heater is that it is not connected to ductwork or baseboards. The heated air simply pushes out of a vent and that is it. My downstairs level can hardly get heated with the little fireplace. The upstairs level is freezing cold. I have bought several space heaters for the upstairs level. I have to keep one in the bathroom to stop my pipes from freezing. I need to keep another in my bedroom and I also like to have one in my main hallway. The space heaters look terrible, but I have to do it in order for my house to not feel like an ice box. I think if I had a little shack or maybe a house in the south, a gas fireplace would be a feasible heater. It is not that powerful, but decent and it looks really nice. Climates that don’t require too much heating would be perfect. When the temperatures get to be around 2 degrees though, I don’t really care how my fireplace looks. I want an industrial strength heater working around the clock to keep me warm. Someday my plan is to get rid of the fireplace and get a huge boiler system in my basement. The boiler should be able to heat my entire house via baseboard. Or if I get really fancy I can hook piping to it and have heated floors.