I work for a honey bee rescue service. What we do is safely remove bees from homes and bring them to the local beekeeper. The bees then are safe and used for their honey. We need more bees in the world and they are slowly dying. Did you know that over a third of the food you eat comes from bee pollination? We fail to realize the important work that bees do and how wonderful honey really is. The sad truth is that bees are disappearing due to GMO’s, insecticides, dust mites, careless pest control companies and viruses. All of these things are causing needless honeybee deaths and the problem needs to be resolved. Most homeowners are good with our company doing a bee rescue. Every now and then we get a hardcore customer that wants bee extermination. It is my job to sway their decision into a favorable bee one. The last customer I had was horrible though. He had a whole swarm in his kitchen and was all for killing the bees. I talked all about that honey bees are not as aggressive as the other ones. The honeybees are necessary for the environment. The man just didn’t care and wanted them all dead. In the end, there was nothing I could do and I had to see the many fallen bodies of the poor bees. That was one of my hardest days on the job. Cleaning up the bees that could have made a difference in the world, or at the very least produced some nice honey, was horrible.