When my wife and I finally purchased a new house, we were thinking about upgrading the HVAC system. We went over all the available options with an HVAC system professional. While we were a little surprised at all the many options that were available, I honestly didn’t want anything especially fancy. I told my wife and the HVAC system professional that we really only needed to get something that was energy efficient and would last us for a long time. So we just had a basic central air HVAC unit installed, but it was up to date and extremely energy efficient. We also had the ductwork inspected and cleaned in the household, so that we would experience no problems with air quality. We were really happy with our new home, and we knew that we were going to share a lot of great memories in this place. We just needed to have kids so we had a full family. With this 5 bedroom home and a nice amount of property, we knew everything was going to be just fine. We were thinking about building a treehouse in one of the trees in the backyard. Also it would be great to get some sort of playground set so when we did decide to have kids, they would be able to have a blast in the backyard. I was also thinking if we built a treehouse, it would be cool to put some type of HVAC system inside so the kids could be comfy in there. Just any cheap portable HVAC unit would probably do for such a small space.

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