Last summer, we had this period of time where we kept finding bees in our kitchen window. We have a great big bay window right behind our kitchen table, and just about every morning it seemed like we would find three or four bees buzzing around near the window. It freaked my kids out, since they are super paranoid about being stung. Well, I didn’t think much about it at first. I thought that maybe they were coming in through a cracked window or something. But then we had our HVAC company come out to the house to do their annual air vent and ductwork cleaning. The HVAC company suggests that you do ductwork cleaning twice a year, but we usually only have it done once a year. Anyway, when the HVAC technician started cleaning out the vents, we heard this humming noise from somewhere inside the walls of the house. At first, I thought that I hadn’t turned the air conditioning off or something. It sounded like a machine running and I thought that maybe the A/C fan was still on. But then all of a sudden, the humming got louder and we realized that we had a big nest of bees living inside our heating ducts! As realization dawned on us, the HVAC technician and I slowly backed out of the room and closed the door. Then I called the exterminator immediately. I wasn’t going to mess around with a swarm of bees in my ductwork and I know that the HVAC technician didn’t want to either!

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