I’ve recently been looking into different kinds of HVAC systems for our house. We live in a house that was pretty old already when we bought it, and it probably could’ve used an updated HVAC system when we first moved in. Of course, when you’re trying to relocate and move in a new place with your whole family, trying to get a brand new HVAC system isn’t usually at the top of your list of things to do. There’s so much other stuff that needs to get done, and so it’s easy to get preoccupied. Anyway, now that we’ve been in our house for a while, we’ve been suffering the consequences of keeping the old and dilapidated heating and cooling system from when the house was first built. Our heating and cooling bills are astronomical, and even though the bills are high, our house doesn’t seem to stay heated and cooled the way we want it to. I was looking at a new state of the art, high quality heat pump system online and I really wanted to get it for our house. But then I read how heating pump systems don’t really do well in areas that get really cold temperatures in the winters. And so that leaves us out! A heat pump would never work for us because in the area where we live, the winter temperatures routinely get down into the single digits. I’m disappointed, honestly, because I like the whole idea of a heat pump. Plus they look very sleek and modern and I’d really like to modernize this whole house.

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