When one thing goes wrong, it seems like everything goes wrong. Last month, my wife and I had to replace our entire heating and air conditioning unit. We spent several thousands of dollars, and the house was in disrepair for a whole week. We didn’t have any air conditioning in the middle of a summer Heatwave. We had to buy a window air conditioner for the living room. We spent extra money to run fans in every room. The whole incident took every penny of the savings account. Now the kitchen garbage disposal is broken. Since the thing is a decade old, I think we probably need to buy a new garbage disposal. I can’t tackle that plumbing repair. I have to call a licensed plumber to replace the garbage disposal. I called a few places to get an estimate. Most of them didn’t want to give me a number, unless they came out to see the kitchen area. I just wanted to know how many service hours it would take, and the cost of those hours. I didn’t think it seemed like too much to ask for a ballpark figure. I finally found a few local plumbers who provided me with a rough estimate. It is going to cost a few hundred dollars, including the price of the new garbage disposal. Since the sink can work just fine without the garbage disposal, that plumbing repair can wait until next month. By then, we will be caught up and have enough cash to pay for a plumbing repair. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong until then.

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