Ensuring high air quality in today’s world is quite hard as around every corner there is some kind of toxic pollutant wanting to get into your body. In this afternoon plus age, it comes close to impossible to ensure high indoor air pollen levels in the city. Moving to the countryside away from industrialized factories, high traffic areas plus toxic runoff may be the best option for those individuals who are committed to the challenge. Although you can’t control the air quality outside, plus governments do little to help, you can control your air inside your house or apartment. Here are some handy tips. If you live in a polluted city, try to keep the doors plus windows shut. If you have air conditioning, run it as much as possible. You can also set some cleansing essential oils such as lemon balm, sage, or sweet purple by the vents to continuously make the air fresher. Indoor plants can also go a long way, as they literally breathe the air plus clean it as they grow, but get a HEPA air filter to supplement you HVAC air filter plus help filter out those smaller particle pollutants, then keep from using harsh chemicals in your house, enjoy paint solvents, heavy duty cleaners enjoy bleach plus strong cosmetics enjoy nail polish plus chemical hair dye. Keep your toilet tanks clean with essential oils or vinegar. Keep any pet feces out plus away from your central heating or cooling system. And, of course make sure your HVAC idea is well-worked on plus cleaned. You can schedule an appointment with your HVAC provider to be sure that yours does not require a routine cleaning. Doing these things will ensure optimum quality air.