You may think I’m old fashioned for sticking with a dial thermostat in today’s day and age. Yes, I have heard that there are more technologically advanced options. However, they do not appeal to me. Why would I need a programmable thermostat? Do you know what programming a thermostat is for me? It’s getting up and changing the dial to a temperature that I like, plain and simple. Do I resent having to stand up and go to the hallway to find the thermostat and adjust it? That would be silly, as far as I’m concerned, but then again my house is not particularly large, so it’s not a long trip. Sure, I could try and guess how the weather is going to be or rely on the weatherman to work out a good schedule to program for my thermostat. However, more than likely, I will want to make minor adjustments throughout the day or night. So ultimately, I may as well not bother programming it. I don’t mind leading a simpler life in which technology is not at the forefront of everything that I do. It took me forever to get a smartphone and I resent ever getting one! The reception is worse than it ever was on my old flip phone and there are way more steps and complications involved with making a simple phone call! And now I hear that there are smart thermostats that can be controlled from your smartphone. That’s almost too convenient! Next thing, people will be using a long stick with a grabber at the end to reach into the kitchen refrigerator for a beer! Maybe I should patent that idea!

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