I have been slowly updating my kitchen. I have torn up the floors and bought new cupboards. I got all new kitchen appliances and fixed the leaky plumbing in there. The newest thing I added was a ductless mini split for the kitchen. I wanted to mainly have air conditioning when I cook a meal. The stove going adds quite a bit of heat. Then there are the burners that release smoke and steam. The air conditioning in the kitchen does feel really good when I cook. I was an idiot with the AC installation though. I bought the ductless mini split from an actual HVAC company. I looked up how to do the HVAC installation and decided to do it myself. I wanted to save money and I set up the ductless HVAC easily. The problem is where I installed the heater and AC. The HVAC unit is right above my stove top. So every time I fry something up, the steam rises into the HVAC component. I am constantly grilling veggies and making sauces. The steam gets in the HVAC and makes moisture. The moisture drips into my pan and that is gross. Also, the moisture lingers in the HVAC and this creates mold. I sweat every week I am cleaning my ductless mini split because a bunch of mold is in it. If I would have set up the unit slightly to the left, everything would be fine. Now I have to deal with dripping HVAC equipment because I did not consult a professional. A rookie mistake.

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