Last summer, I needed an air conditioner repair, and it turned into a total nightmare.  When I first started up the central cooling system at the end of May, it wasn’t acting right.  The air smelled sort of musty, and the cooling unit was definitely struggling to meet demand. Since I was hoping to avoid a major malfunction and getting stuck without air conditioning, I immediately contacted the only HVAC contractor in my immediate area.  I was told that they were extremely busy and I’d need to wait nearly two weeks for a service appointment. I didn’t want to pay extra to hire an HVAC contractor outside of my service area, so I agreed to waiting two weeks. During that time, the weather warmed up considerably.  With temperatures in the upper eighties and high humidity, I needed to run the air conditioner. I kept the thermostat set as high as my family could tolerate and crossed my fingers. The air conditioner ran for extremely long cycles and the operational sounds grew gradually louder.  By the time the HVAC technician was scheduled to arrive, the air conditioner was screeching, rattling and putting out very little air. I was not happy when the HVAC contractor failed to show up. I took the day off from work, waited for hours, and finally called the company. They offered a whole bunch of excuses, but it was quite obvious they simply forgot about me.  Fortunately, the HVAC technician arrived at my home bright and early the next morning. He then tracked dirt through my house, left debris in my lawn, and told me he’d need to order replacement parts. We were left without air conditioning for nearly a week.