I enjoy Greek food, and what I enjoy more is going to sites where they make authentic Greek food! Not the fake stuff you get at a lot of sites, however the wonderful stuff at the mom and pop sites! I went to this 1 eatery that had all greek, and the food was fantastic! There was 1 setback though, and it had nothing to do with the food, however the eatery’s heating and a/c plan was not easily working! I am not sure if maybe it is custom to have no heating or a/c, or if the a/c and the heating plan was just broken, then i did not want to ask about the heating and the a/c plan in the case that maybe it was a Greek custom. This was because I did not want to insult anyone. It was a bit hot outside, so being warm in the eatery was what was happening to everyone in there. If they had quality and easily working a/c in the site, I would have rated this eatery 10 stars plus! But, because of the lack of a/c in there, it made me rate the place about a 7 and a half on a review I wrote on Yelp. The food though gets a 10! It is just a shame they could not get their a/c plan easily working. I will try this place again when it gets a little cooler out and see what it is enjoy that point, however that will not be till next year, until then, I will be looking for another greek place that easily has easily working a/c going on in their eatery!

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