Saving money is an important skill to have in life. Of course, we all want new things. Gadgets are supposed to simplify our lives by making things easier. However, when we don’t have the money to buy something we need our life is made much harder. Learning how to live within one’s means is the best way to ensure that when things get rough we are able to stay afloat. There are many ways we can save money to further increase our budget for life’s many curveballs. For homeowners, or anyone who pays a utility bill, one way to save money is to make sure your home’s heating and cooling costs are minimized.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use a programmable thermostat. The average increase in savings by using this type of quality thermostat is roughly 10% on each bill. In the end, the lifetime savings to your heating and cooling costs can easily be in thousands. Some of the basic benefits of a programmable thermostat include the ability to control the HVAC system more easily. Many people like to wake up to a cozy house. Without a programmable thermostat they have to keep their HVAC system running harder overnight when they are sleeping. People who also like to come home to a comfortable home also have the same problem. However, owning a programmable thermostat, one never has to deal with overworking their HVAC system needlessly. If you interested be sure to call your local HVAC company and ask about your options.