My oh my, how the time flies when you have absolutely no free time! I know that can’t be the case only for me, as I have plenty of friends, family and coworkers who would agree. The days just melt right by as we toil and trudge through our work and home life, but the days go by even faster when you’re trying to accomplish a few other things in the few spare moments you get each day. That’s the case for me over the past year, as I’ve diligently worked to have my home renovated with air circulation in mind. The most important thing to consider when improving the indoor air quality is, of course, the heating and air conditioning system. What good is a comfortable house that’s easy on the eyes, if it’s too stuffy or uncomfortable to stay indoors? The heating system was simple enough to replace, as I knew I wanted to use a boiler system to provide most of my heat. As an extension of the boilers heating capability, I also wanted to use radiant heated floors to provide an additional level of heat – and comfort. As for the air conditioning system, I was more excited about that than anything else! I wanted to stick with my conventional forced air system, but with some upgrades. First, I wanted to install duct booster fans in-line with the air ducts throughout my house. These booster fans would improve the flow of air from the central A/C system, through the ductwork and out through ventilation points around the house. Since I’m also planning to use HEPA air filters to improve air quality, the duct booster fans will help to ensure air is circulated at the ideal speed.

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