My friend Pam works as a beekeeper now. As a kid she was always about the animals and love for everyone. I thought she would be a veterinarian or work for PETA. Instead she went the beekeeping route. I am sad to say that my entire knowledge on beekeeping is from the movie The Secret Life of Bees. The movie is really great and powerful. It deals with racial tension in the south and finding family in unexpected places. A big portion of the film is beekeeping though. Queen Latifah is the main beekeeper for the honeybees. She uses the bees to make honey and then has honey for sale in her home and out of shops. Watching the process in the movie was really cool. First she had to wear this really insulated outfit with a screen over her face. She then had a whole procedure on how to safely access the honeybees and remove the honey without irritating them. After watching the movie, I figured they must have taken some creative liberties. I looked online about beekeeping so I could talk to Pam about it. Nope, the movie had it right all the way down to the outfits. The people even use a spray like the actress did in the movie to soothe the bees so you can take the honey. I would say the only area the movie is lacking is how Queen Latifah got her bees. She obviously is getting it from people who had bee infestations in their home. It is powerful because she takes in a little girl just like her bees.

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