Every single day for work I take the train. I have been taking the train into the city for work for about five years now. I don’t really mind public transportation and it really does save me a ton of money each month. If I were to drive my car into the city I would have to waste time and money sitting in traffic and then pay over fifty dollars a day to park my car. When I take the train it is only five dollars a day. While I do think it is a cost effective way to travel, there is one thing that bugs me a lot about the train. I swear everytime I get into a train car, the heating and cooling system isn’t working. I don’t understand why the city doesn’t take more pride in public transportation and have a properly working heating and cooling system. Most times during the summer the air conditioner isn’t even working and sometimes I have even felt hot air come out of the air vents. I know I shouldn’t expect to travel like the queen, but I do think there are some small changes that could be made and would have a real impact on the way people get to and from work each day. I am really thinking about writing a letter to my local government and ask if there is anything that can be done about the heating and cooling system on the train. I know I won’t get a response, but I hope it can at least get someone’s attention.