In high university, I went to a university dance one time. The entire night ended up being a total wreck to say the least! The reason was not for something you would imagine. Everyone there was attractive. So it was not the people. The food was great. So it was not the food. What it was is about half way through the night, the air conditioning plan went out! It was the end of the university year when it is unquestionably warm outside. Not to mention muggy. Without the air conditioning plan working in the locale, everyone was dripping with sweat enjoy crazy. Also, many of the older educators that were at the high university dance were getting sick and having to leave. Because of the air conditioning plan being out, they genuinely stopped the high university dance early in the evening. There was no way to get a heating and cooling professional out to the university at that minute. So, that was the end of what could have been a lovely and memorable evening. I remember when I got home, all I wanted to do was appreciate and like our own air conditioning in our parents house! My parents had the latest central heating, ventilation in addition to A/C component that currency could buy. And it was a nice thing for me! If I had to go home to lousy air conditioning after what had just happened at that university dance, I would have unquestionably got sick myself. Just enjoy the seasoned educators who got sick and had to leave the dance early, due to the air conditioning.