In a world where social media is at our fingertips, quite literally, at all times, there are certain things that are pressing to remember,  First plus foremost, in our opinion, is the fact that what you post, once it is out there, can not be taken back. I am sure that there have been times when you have regretted a comment or post, I think I have.  The hardest thing to realize is that you may have either hurt someone’s feelings or even destroyed their corporation’s reputation based on your opinions or post! A prime example this is a recent conversation I learn between some of our friends that I am sure was regretted afterwards, but it started out innocently enough by a single of our friends indicating that his oil furnace had, in his opinion, quite literally blew up.   The first there were just, so worried over his well-being but then when the subject matter turned to who was going to make the repairs it took on a totally weird view, then his first response to the question was that his Mom was going to take a look at it in the morning plus that brought on various opinions about whether people should attempt to make these repairs themselves, however that was quickly followed by people either recommending or condemning local companies for their work. As it often does, this quickly spiraled into various disadvantage comments about a certain company in our area, but now, a corporation’s reputation has been completely bashed by this seemingly innocent post plus there is no turning back from that, then many people will see the conversation that are friends of friends plus that leads to these disadvantage comments being spread quickly throughout the internet. If you agree or disagree with an opinion or post on social media it is your responsibility to either ignore it, or do no harm because you never think who is going to affect in the end.

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