For the past week or so my son has been super upset because he can’t find his favorite baseball that we always play catch with. With most kids this wouldn’t be a big deal because you could just give them another one and they will forget about it, but this was one hundred percent different because this baseball was signed by his favorite player. After a full seven days of looking for it, we gave up and hoped that my kid would move on eventually. A few days later I called the HVAC company in town to schedule a maintenance repair, and to our shock when he was working on the unit he noticed that there was something inside of the unit. You guessed it, it was my son’s favorite baseball! Our best guess was that one of our dogs hid it in the unti to chew on later, but there is no way to know for sure. The only thing that is certain is that my son was over the moon when I walked into his room and handed him his long lost baseball! It’s really a good thing that I had scheduled the meeting with the HVAC company so soon after we lost it, because I am sure that if the baseball had been jammed inside it would have caused much more damage if it had been stuck inside for any longer. Now that we have found the baseball I am sure that my son and I will be busy catching up on an entire week of no baseball games!

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