My wife and I bought a mobile home to go travelling in. We figured because we take a lot of road trips during the summer time months, that we should invest in one. Having the mobile home will actually save us on hotel costs during these cross country road trips. The one thing we did not think of was if we could get a central heating and cooling system put into the mobile home. Sure, it comes with the same type of air conditioning that you would find in a car, truck or van. But, we wanted something a little stronger than that. I asked around to a few other people I knew who had mobile homes. We got lucky and found out we could actually put a ductless mini split air conditioning system into our mobile home! Because we never go on these road trips in the winter time, we would not have to worry about central heating. If we did, that would be a major problem. Because with the ductless mini split air conditioning system, we could get heat with a heat pump. But, obviously, you can not run a heat pump in a mobile home! So, the central air conditioning is the best we can do. I was really glad I asked around before wasting a ton of money on a heating and cooling provider. It turned out that I was able to instal the ductless mini split air conditioning on my own without the help of an HVAC specialist! Saving money is always great, is it not?

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