The salon where I usually go ended up being closed last week for repairs. I was glad to see that they were closed because the last time I went there, the air conditioning was broken and the inside of the salon felt like the inside of a furnace. I don’t know why the temperature inside there was so hot except for the fact that they are using lots of hair dryers and curling irons in there that probably raise the temperature in the building somewhat. Plus the sun shining in through their front plate glass windows probably raises the temperature quite a bit as well. Anyway, when I was trying to get my hair done, the temperature was just unbearable. They had me underneath one of those full hair dryers to get my colors to set and since I was wearing one of those capes around me to keep the hair off my neck and my clothes, I was sweating like crazy! The hair stylist told me that their air conditioning was broken and the HVAC company hadn’t been able to come in to do the A/C repairs yet. I told her that for her sake, I hoped that they would come soon! I mean, I could get my hair done and just leave, but she had to stay in that hot building all day long with no running A/C! What a terrible job to have when it’s too hot. I feel itchy just thinking about all the hair that would be sticking to you if you’re trying to work when you’re sweating like crazy. Yuck!