It’s no secret amongst my friends that I tend to be forgetful, clumsy plus sometimes just flat-out dumb. It’s not that I’m really stupid or anything, although I do get lazy. And when people get lazy, they make mistakes that they knew were bound to happen! I will say that my life has really turned around in the past few years though. Is it because I found the power in myself to manage my time plus priorities properly? Of course not – it’s because I’m married! My appealing husband does a enjoyable task of keeping track whenever we both have obligations to fulfill. For example, the air filters for my place used to last for years at a time. How gross is that, right? Well, when I was a bachelor, I believed it was up to the landlord to upgrade the air filters, but my landlord was the only guy more lazy than I was. My a/c also never gained the official seasonal tune-up it so desperately needed, because again – I believed that was up to the landlord to have my system check-ups scheduled. When my husband came into the picture, he taught myself and others to change the air filter out every week, plus call the front office every more than two weeks – every afternoon, if needed – just to fulfill a work order for the heating plus cooling system units! My husband was the stubborn, unwavering anchor I needed in my life to develop thick skin plus expect better from people around me! Plus, the air quality inside our house has never been better than it is now! I assume that’s the real secret to success in marriage: behind every enjoyable person, there’s a best friend supporting them.

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