Sometimes there are lurking unknowns in our own houses. We pay to have our homes heated or cooled, and those HVAC companies sure are making money from it. But, similar to the bowl of who-knows-what in the very back of the fridge, we might be surprised as to what goes unnoticed in the ducts and air filters of our own houses. Most people stick to a schedule of having their air filters replaced – three months, six months, twelve – it all depends on the model of the air filter and how picky you are regarding your indoor air quality. Some people set alarms on their phones with the HVAC company number included in the alarm note. Others, fearing forgetfulness, have subscriptions where the HVAC business will actually put your customer profile in a system where they can automatically deliver a new air filter to you and bill you, or call you to find a convenient air filter installation time. These time savers can ensure that you won’t ever find “surprises” down the road, after forgetting the air filter situation entirely for years. The fact of the matter is, neglecting your air filter can lead to many low-level health effects as you are simply lounging in your home. These effects can be especially detrimental for those living in city areas where the outdoor air quality is already terrible. People’s homes should be their sacred area, where you can trust that the air filter is working to ensure the best health for you and your family. Check the dates on your air filter and ensure you are breathing good air in your home, lest you may find “surprises” in your ductwork down the road.

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