I used to hate coming to work in the summer.

  • I work in a large office building.

Most of the staff works in cubicles. There are about thirty cubicles in the central part of the office, and we have about five larger officers for those who hold the leadership and higher level positions. While I enjoyed my job, the summer months were always brutal because there was no air conditioning in our building. We got window air conditioning units for the office, but they made little difference in the central area. There were only a few windows, so we could only install about three units. With such a large, crowded space, you could barely feel the air conditioning from where I sat. I was always so jealous of the people who sat closer to the windows. Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about that anymore! After working hard and putting my time in for several years, I finally got a promotion. I am now the head of the accounting department, which means that I get my own private office. Along with my own private office came my own private window air conditioning unit! Because the personal offices are much smaller than the central area of the office with all the cubicles, the air conditioning feels excellent! My office is always cool and comfortable. I never have to dread coming in to work during the summer. Even just walking from the cubicles to my office, I notice such a huge difference from the moment that I open up the door. It makes summer days so much better knowing that I won’t be stuck inside sweating for 8 hours a day. I guess hard work really does pay off sometimes.


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