For a long time my HVAC business was not getting any business.

We had our regular customers in the winter season, but come summer there would be no one.

People always think about HVAC service and heating repairs when it is cold. Once the weather turns warm, everyone is outside and not thinking about their systems. I also wanted to get new people buying HVAC and being long time customers. Word of mouth only goes so far. I tried taking out google ads. That was just expensive and it did not do one thing. Finally a friend of mine recommended me calling an SEO company. I didn’t even know what SEO stood for and why I would need it, but now I am so glad I took the chance on it. The SEO business was amazing that I talked to. They told me the reason I could not generate more business was that I was hard to find. I did not have a HVAC company website and had no online presence. The SEO company started out with building my company a website. My phone number was right there at the top, we got customer reviews on the site and all the services my company offers. The website is really professional looking. The best part is that the SEO business made it when you type HVAC repair in the search bar, my company is on page one of google. I have gotten so many more calls now because of that. I just need to pay a small fee each month to keep my HVAC website going.

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