My kids are always complaining about going to school.

I know that’s pretty normal – most kids complain about having to get up early or about having to do homework.

That’s not what my kids don’t like about school, though. They are fine with getting up early in the morning and they don’t really mind having to do homework, either. Their problem with going to school is the fact that they think that the school just has terrible indoor air quality. My son says that in his classroom, the air conditioning is always running and his desk is situated right underneath the A/C vent. He says that he freezes on a regular basis, and he always wears his coat to school, even with the weather outside is warming up! Then my daughter says that in her classroom, she has the exact opposite problem. She says that in her room, the heating seems to run almost non-stop. She refuses to wear a coat to school and she says that her teacher keeps trying to adjust the thermostat in the room but it never works. Her teacher has even complained to the school’s maintenance manager about the heating, but they can’t seem to do anything about it. I don’t know what the problem is with the school’s HVAC system, but it seems to me like they should be able to fix the heating and air conditioning in the building! You can’t concentrate if you’re too hot or too cold. I think my kids’ grades are slipping because of the heating and A/C issues in their classrooms.


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