I completely ignored the upkeep of the duct system for the first eighteen years we lived in our home.

  • Because the ducts are concealed inside walls and crawl spaces, it simply never occured to me to have them professionally inspected.

I took very good care of the air conditioner and furnace, making sure to change air filters every month and schedule maintenance every year. It wasn’t until I was sitting in the waiting room at my dentist’s office, reading a magazine, that I gave the ductwork a thought. The article in the magazine was talking about the importance of indoor air quality. It mentioned that holes and an accumulation of debris within the ducts is often responsible for a whole bunch of health concerns. The article went on to say that most homes waste about 30% of heated/cooled air to issues with duct performance. I called up a local HVAC contractor and scheduled an inspection of the ducts. The technician found all sorts of disgusting stuff hidden inside the network of pipes. There was a buildup of dust, pollen, bugs, webs, mold growth and even decomposing rodents. Every time the heating or cooling system operated, the air my family breathes was passing through the contaminated ducts. Once the HVAC technician completed a thorough duct cleaning and sealing process, I noticed an immediate improvement in the performance of the heating and cooling system. My energy bills are much lower every month and yet the house is far cleaner, more comfortable and even smells better. I’ve also noticed the furnace and air conditioner don’t need to run as long to achieve the ideal temperature.



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